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About Us embodies the influential tradition of American beach culture. Each summer, our family counted down the days until we were able to run along the Jersey Shore and soak up the warming rays of sunshine. Although we’re several years removed from those carefree summer days, the memories we collected as a family will always have a special place in our hearts.

We spent our mornings building sand castles, our afternoons exploring neon-lit arcades, and our evenings seeking out our favorite boardwalk eats and sweets.

While life may have gotten in the way since those days, we decided it was important to carry on the nostalgia of one of our favorite beachside memories – enjoying handmade, gourmet Taffy.

While our beloved Taffy shops become few and far between these days, we thought it was important to carry on the legacy of what these handmade, gourmet confections mean to those who have experienced them. And to share these satisfyingly sweet customs with those who haven’t yet had the chance.

We've been working overtime for months, perfecting our family recipe and taste-testing the best Taffy flavors we’ve ever had. Our family is so excited to bring you 40+ small-batch melt-in-your-mouth varieties, delivered fresh right to your doorstep.

Get ready for a tasty trip down memory lane!

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